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At the present time, AURYN Maine Coons have NO kittens available for sale.

Due to the extreme care and an outpouring of love and affection we give our queens, we have retired both our girls and presently have no working queens in our cattery.  We will keep you updated on future developments as they occur.

When we do have working queens, out of an abundance of care and caution, we only allow our queens to birth ONE litter a year, giving the mothers time to recover fully physically and give the kittens plenty of time to be fully weaned and socialized by their moms.

Stay tuned to our OFFICIAL Facebook and Instagram pages for litter announcements!

Happy New Year 2024!

You’ve come to the right place for all things related to our litters at AURYN Maine Coons.  Official announcements on available kittens are posted here and on our official Facebook page.

Once kittens become available, the buyer’s application link below becomes “live”, allowing all interested parties to intoduce themselves to us as potential owners of an AURYN Maine Coon.

Unlike people who simply place a male and female cat together and produce kittens at a whim, we take great pride and careful steps to ensure that our cats produce viable, healthy litters.  We have researched our breed extensively and spend much of our time educating others about the unique qualities and characteristics of North America’s original indiginous domestic cat.

Our cats are never caged.  They have free reign inside our home and they are raised from the day they are born completely outside the confines of cages or pens.  We have a dedicated area of our home as a kitten nursery and the kittens are raised in an environment of curiosity and freedom.  We call this type of feline husbandry “under foot”.  Our queen is given the opportunity to raise her kittens in as natural a setting as possible, without fear of outside threats and in a calm environment.

The kittens are well socialized and are curious and fearless.  Discovery, play, social interaction and exposure to new experiences are key to developing a truly confident kitten.

We hope you will stay tuned to our page as we prepare to present our latest litters to those whose passion and love for the breed are as complete are ours is.

You might think we are pretty obsessive about our kittens.  We admit it — WE ARE!  These kittens are not some random, unwanted clatch of stray kittens.  These kittens come from strong, championship lines with excellent pedigrees and tried and tested DNA profiles.  And, unlike some random breeder, our kittens come with a health guarantee and a promise from us to you that our knowledge and expertise about the breed is available to you as a lifetime resource when you become a member of the AURYN family.  

Sadly, in today’s day and age, the Maine Coon breed is under attack by unscrupulous backyard breeders and by kitten mills all around the world who either have no idea what the breed standard is for this wonderful cat, or couldn’t care less about genetics and typing or form, and breed their cats with no thought for their health or the future of the cats offspring.  Such problems as hip dysplasia, cow hocking, and all sorts of genetic health issues crop up in these lines and besides the unwitting kitten buyers, the true victims are the cats themselves.  Then you have the scammers and those who advertise kittens that don’t exist, or demand deposits on “future litters” with no intention of providing their clients with a sound and strong Maine Coon.

Also, unlike many ametuer breeders, we keep our operation transparent and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our cats and our cattery.  We are actively involved in cat show activities, are the founders of the local TICA (The International Cat Association) cat fancy, the Wild West Cat Fanciers ( and host the annual Salt Lake City TICA cat show, known as the Rocky Mountain Roundup.

We encourage you to visit our CONTRACT page to review our requirements for ownership of one of our kittens.  Take the time to educate yourself about this wonderful breed, including the information you’ll find on the various sections of this website.

We look forward to meeting and working with you as a proud Maine Coon owner.

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT accept deposits on kittens that do not exist, nor do we keep a “stand by” list of contacts. Each kitten/cat is reserved on a first-come/first-served basis only. Previous applicants may receive email notification of future litters when available, however the first-come/first-served rule still applies. Please review the kitten contract (link below) for our policy on kitten deposits.

And NOW, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

NOTE: ALL kittens from the Nemo’s Dynasty Litter are RESERVED. We are no longer accepting applications for this litter. Any FUTURE litters will be announced here and on our OFFICIAL Facebook page! Thank you!


Litter Born: November 11, 2019

Sire: ClassyCoons Nemo of AURYN

Queen: Heartbreaker*DE Georgina of AURYN



  • ALEXIS: Female, Black Silver Classic Tabby: RESERVED
  • CRYSTAL: Female, Black Silver Classic Tabby: RESERVED
  • FALLON: Female, Black Silver Classic Tabby: RESERVED
  • BLAKE: Male, Black Silver Classic Tabby: RESERVED


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