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Welcome to America…

In March 2017, we had the sweet privilege of bringing how our little princess home to the Rocky Mountain West.  Georgina was a very good traveler.  She slept for almost the entire journey from Southern Germany to Utah, without being medicated…just a little bundle of joy and love and purrs.  At the time we brought her home, we still lived with our 16 year old rescue cat, Zach.  Sadly, Zach quickly reached his life’s end and crossed the Rainbow Bridge only a few weeks after we brought Georgina home.

“Georgie” (or “Georgie Girl”) was spunky, very curious and squirmy…all the typical traits of a nearly 5 month old kitten should be.  Her development as a kitten was explosive and very surprising in that her Maine Coon attributes were developing much quicker than anticipated, including becoming sexually mature sooner than we expected.  Luckily, we had had the foresight to have Nemo temporarily neutered using a subcutaneous chip known as Suprelorin© which causes male cats to discontinue the production of their sexual hormones.  The chip tends to last between 6-18 months, depending on the cat.  Although the length of time is unpredictable, it is reversible prior to its viable lifespan by removal of the chip by a veterinarian.

Because we had him chipped, it was a good call because we didn’t know how soon Georgie would enter her adulthood; because she had gone “into season” so early, we didn’t worry much about Nemo because the Suprelorin© chip was in place and was working!  With Georgie beginning to cycle, we next had to determine how we could control her estrous cycles without the risk of pyometra, an ugly medical complication that female cats can suffer and die from if they are not bred by a male.  That’s where Dr. Suchfort’s expertise came into play.

Dr. Suchfort recommended that we put Georgie on Sedometril©, a weekly pill that we could give her to suspend her cycling and allow her to continue to develop physically until we felt she was mature enough to begin having kittens.  Because Maine Coons develop so rapidly in the first year of life, we wanted to be sure that her body was given every opportunity to fully mature and become strong so that her role as a breeding female would present fewer complications.

Georgie showed in Championship Class within TICA and after several competitions, she let us know very clearly that she did not enjoy the process, so we retired her from competition.

Georgie produced three litters for our cattery and her kittens live happily with their forever families all across the United States.

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