So You Want an AURYN Maine Coon…

We are excited about the prospects of placing an AURYN Maine Coon kitten or cat with a new family or owner.  Our cats are our family members and it’s vital that we establish a strong relationship with a candidate for placement.

AURYN Maine Coon Cattery reserves the right to place kittens and/or cats in an environment that will be optimal for their well being, health and safety.  We place our cats and kittens in homes with families and individuals who will honor the work and the development of our furrbabies and only those whom we feel will abide by the terms and conditions of our contract (you can find this information by clicking here).

AURYN Maine Coon Cattery will not place any cat or kitten with anyone unwilling to complete our comprehensive placement application.  Applicants are considered for placement once the online application is completed and electronically signed (a legal timestamp and electronic signature will be embedded on every application submitted).

AURYN Maine Coon Cattery DOES NOT accept deposits on kittens or cats that are unannounced (they have not been born).  Prices for kittens and retiree cats are listed with the pictures posted in the corresponding tabs in the menu above and are not negotiable.  Deposits are only accepted when a Placement Application has been completed and an “Invitation” email by our cattery has been issued.

The Placement Application function on our website is disabled when there are no kittens available for placement or retired cats available for rehoming.  Applications are considered by AURYN Maine Coon Cattery in the order which they were completed only.

To see if kittens or retired cats are available for placement, please check the “Kittens” tab or the “Retirees” tab in the menu above.

If kittens or cats are available for placement, click on the link below:

PLACEMENT APPLICATION (This Link is activated ONLY when kittens or retired cats are available)

Information on this page last updated: January 2020